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Welcome to Direct Property

Sell your home fast, for a quick cash sale Direct Property ltd. will buy your house quickly.

No Valuation fees payable

The Direct Property concept was conceived by Charles Day who inherited a residential estate agency practice from his father. The company is still based in the East Midlands and now operates nationally. Direct Property offers a third route to house selling, sitting comfortably alongside traditional estate agencies and offering more certainty than an auction.

For home owners having to move to a deadline, whether it be the start of term, new job or to move into sheltered accommodation; for couples who want to separate, properties that have been inherited or people who want to move abroad, Direct Property allows individuals to start their new lives quickly and easily.

When Direct Property helps break a chain, the sale price may be lower than the market value, but the house owner saves estate agent’s fees, and removal costs can be much lower because the move can be better planned.

Legal processes are managed though a respected firm of East Midlands solicitors, so Direct Property can exchange contracts on a property within seven days – their record is 24 hours. Completion normally takes place at a speed to suit the vendor and can be held over for a few weeks if necessary.

If the chain collapses at the last minute, the stress is incredible. It’s very hard to sell a house quickly once it’s been on sale for some time because most people who are likely to be interested have already viewed the property, according to Charles Day the managing director of Direct Property.

Whilst a lot of homeowners cannot afford to lose money on the sale of a house, others work out that taking a loss may actually be cheaper than starting again. Direct Property agrees the price by taking the average of several comparables from local estate agents.

Direct Property will even buy properties that need work doing to them, in order to sell them on. Charles Day says “ by buying properties that need work doing to them Direct Property takes away the stresses of DIY and of course the financial strains of doing a property up”

“ Property markets reach a peak and then slow or fall. Some buyers are already aware of the uncertainty and are thinking that they’d prefer to take a drop now rather than hang around for three months and take it then”.